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Before Sun and Shadows

Joelynd.com is a site that houses a cross-section of the creative work I’ve done as a graphic design and copywriting professional, as well as art that I’ve created because my muse started knocking. When it gets loud enough, I pull my eyes off my Mac and seek out some paint, paper or canvas, pencils, pastels and markers.

As a senior member of a marketing team, I designed and wrote for marketing campaigns and event promotions, created custom branding and identity packages, worked on new product launches, created both print collateral materials and web banners, designed landing pages and white papers, created thousands of ads, wrote a weekly advertorial column for a major newspaper called “Furniture Focus,” and have provided other creative services including video production and editing (as featured here) and social media content. Designing for B2B and B2C, I specialize in promoting financial services, travel, and the home improvement industries. I also have an interest in the arts, animals of all sorts, health (I am yogi) and beauty.

On a personal level, I am committed to exploring what a graduate program art advisor recently told me to do…design more personal, more “subversive,” more visionary work. Get inspired. Be in the world instead of on the periphery. Embrace change.

I started my own  business mid-2017, JoelynD Creative. Networking, marketing myself and finding creative work takes up a lot of time. It’s been both fantastic and difficult. The work I’ve had has varied, from illustrating animals for books and the of designing book covers and logos to writing advertorial blog copy about impact wrenches for a local industrial tool supplier.

Recently, I’ve accepted the full-time role as content specialist for Arc Products, a subsidiary of Lincoln Electric. With the time-commitment of this job, I ended my tenure and board status as the copywriting director for AIGA SD. However, I am still taking on limited freelance projects.

Some of the writing I’ve did for AIGA-SD can still be viewed here: https://sandiego.aiga.org/news/

This is my virtual portfolio and art show until the real gallery space opens up (still a place of sun and shadows in my mind). Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions. Cheers!