Written Content

I’ve always loved to write and waffled about being a writing major (communications or journalism) for my first couple of years as an undergrad. I was hired at the San Diego Union-Tribune because of this “dualism,” not only am I good designer but I could also come up with solid headlines, edit copy and pinch-hit for the established advertorial columnists in the advertising department’s Creative Services when they were out on medical or vacation.

Eventually I was given my own writing assignments from the editors, and started seriously building my reputation as a capable copywriter for the smaller circulars and inserts, “Inside Edition,” the paper’s monthly employee newsletter, the newspaper’s subsidiary magazines, and then my own weekly advertorial column, “Furniture Focus.”

When I left the paper, I continued to write for my new company, but singularly in the financial services field. At Asset I wrote email blasts featuring vacation destinations (Utah, Kauai, Colorado and Cabo), created copy and branding for contests, as well as web and social media content; now and again the occasional press release and charitable fund-raiser. Topics such as Social Security, retirement and estate planning and risk management were subjects I became well-versed in and wrote about frequently.

I sometimes find time to write creatively, and in 2013 had a short piece published in the magazine The Sun for their “Reader’s Write,” a story about a memory I have of snow.

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