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Located in San Diego, California

My short bio: Joelyn is a graphic artist, illustrator and copywriter based in Southern California. She is a graduate of San Diego State University, where she earned a bachelor of applied arts and sciences degree in graphic design with an emphasis in the fine arts. For ten years her graphic design, advertising and advertorial writing appeared daily in the San Diego Union-Tribune after which she worked as a senior graphic designer and copywriter for Asset, a financial services firm for a little over six years. Currently Jo is working as a content specialist for Lincoln Electric and on freelance assignments, including branding and illustration.

On a more personal note, if you reside here, you know there’s more sun than shadows in Southern California, and since moving here, the only things that I’ve technically held onto from my upper (say “Yah to the UP eh?”), and lower peninsula (M GO BLUE!) Michigan upbringing are various family members (still residing

Santa Fe Sculpture and Jo

Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 2011

there) and my Midwestern sensibilities. And my three years of living in New York City — the three boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan? I’ve long since lost the desire to live in the Big Apple, (despite missing its amazing energy), but I still clearly retain the memory of living there and am grateful for the experience and polish it gave to me.

My sometimes suburban boredom aside, I really don’t have a desire to ever leave Southern California. While available for freelance work, relocating from San Diego seems, well, remote. Well maybe Santa Fe or Taos or Sedona…Georgia O’Keefe dreams.

If you’re interested in my work, would like to get in touch or simply have some comments to make, please fill out the form below or if you need freelance work, contact me through LinkedIn and let’s discuss your project.

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